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To address scientific and societal challenges that require the mobilization of a wide range of disciplines, INRAE has set up cross-disciplinary research programs called "metaprograms".
The new metaprogram "Moving to predominant organic agriculture" aims to explore the hypothesis that the national supply of organic products would become the majority, in a context of strong demand and agro-ecological transition.

What are the issues, the levers and the consequences of such a change of scale of organic agriculture throughout the whole agri-food chain?

The metaprogram is based on:

  • An approach including the whole agri-food system.
  • Interdisciplinary scientific communities.
  • INRAE experimental facilities that are partly or completely converted to organic agriculture.
  • Close interactions with partners and stakeholders.

The aim is to develop proposals, scientifically substantiated, to anticipate the consequences and accompany the development of organic agri-food systems.

Priority 1. Conditions for a large-scale transition and its support measures

  • Co-design of diversified and multi-performant systems
  • Impact evaluation and trajectory analysis of different organic agriculture development scenarios
  • Collective dynamics and individual commitments for radical transitions
  • Public actions and market organization

Priority 2. Resources to be implemented for sufficient and sustainable production

  • Loop of biogeochemical cycles and soil functionality
  • Plant and animal genetic resources
  • Feed resources for animals
  • Natural resources for animal and plant health
  • Know-how and Work

Priority 3. Processing, conservation, and product qualities

  • Development of biocompatible conservation and processing techniques
  • Management of the heterogeneity and the variability of raw materials in organic agriculture
  • Impacts on product qualities, environmental and human health

Priority 4. Coexistence of production systems

  • Managing the diversity of production models
  • Access to resources (especially soil, water and work)
  • Strategies and consequences on organic markets

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