Metabio partners

The partnerships are numerous and occur at different stages of the research process, from the initial diagnosis to the result's exploitation. INRAE is present and contributes to the animation of working groups, in particular at the national level. Whether it is a question of collaborating on research projects, conducting experiments or sharing the produced knowledge, Metabio's partners are involved at all levels and are specifically mentioned on the various project pages.

French research Institute for Organic Farming

► See ITAB website



French Agency for the Development and promotion of Organic Agriculture

Created in November 2001, the French Agency for the Development and Promotion of Organic Agriculture , is the national platform for information and actions which is part of a dynamic of development, promotion and structuring of the French organic farming. METABIO is responsible for the research component of the agency.

► See Agence Bio website



Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL

FiBL France was founded in 2017 with the aim of working for organic farming in the Drôme department and throughout France - in addition to the existing structures for research and agricultural development in France. One of the main objectives is to carry out field trials in collaboration with farmers directly on their farms. The trials are designed to provide practical solutions for the development of organic farming. Scientific events and collaborations are carried out with the FIBL.

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Chambers of Agriculture

Founded in 1924, French Chambers of Agriculture are public bodies representing French farmers and the rural world. It offers advisory services to farmers and other rural stakeholders, test new products, technologies and practices on about 50 experimental stations and promote the transfer of innovative practices to end-users during demonstration events as INNOV’ACTION and Tech & Bio (for organic and alternative agriculture). Moreover, they provide expertise to public authorities and give its views on agricultural and rural issues; they have a permanent representation in Brussels which analyse policy trends, organise meetings with the European Union institutions and also work on specific objectives. Metabio brings its scientific expertise and uses the resources of the chambers of agriculture.

► See French Chambers of Agriculture website

In this folder

The joint technology unit (UMT) SI-BIO "Understanding, co-designing, evaluating and developing innovative organic horticultural systems in synergy" has been launched for a 5 years period. Supported by the ITAB and INRAE, in collaboration with several actors in the PACA region, this 100% organic UMT aims to support the development of organic horticultural systems.

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