Changing the scale of organic farming



04 July 2023

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Press report - Organic farming: towards a radical change of scale

PRESS REPORT - While the European Union is committed to devoting at least 25% of agricultural land to organic farming by 2030, how can we support the change in scale of this production? How to move to 50% or even more organic world production tomorrow? Published on 28 February 2022
CONSORTIUM TRANS-BIO-CONNECT (2020-2022) <br> The current processing model makes it possible to partially satisfy the growing consumer demand for organic products. It was designed by imposing a reduction of the variability of raw agricultural materials that does not respond to the specificities of organic agriculture (OA) or of the “notions” of biodiversity, seasonality, naturality and respect for the product in its entirety that are associated with it.
Date limite pour les projets complets : 6 octobre 2021 Comme le précédent, ce second appel à manifestation d'intérêt du métaprogramme METABIO est destiné à financer soit des projets exploratoires, soit des consortia, portés par des chercheurs et chercheuses INRAE. Il reste ouvert aux quatre axes scientifiques du métaprogramme présentés dans son document directeur avec un intérêt particulier pour des projets sur la coexistence des systèmes de production et sur l’eau dans le cadre de l'expansion de l'AB.
Biodiversity provides agroecosystems with a multitude of ecological services. The effects of organic agriculture (OA) and the benefits it brings in terms of biodiversity are still poorly known. Ecological, agronomical and economic performances in OA vary widely, and few studies have focused on quantifying the synergies and antagonisms between these performances.


To address scientific and societal challenges that require the mobilization of a wide range of disciplines, INRAE has set up cross-disciplinary research programs called "metaprograms".

The metaprogram "Moving to predominant organic agriculture" aims to explore the hypothesis that the national supply of organic products would become the majority, in a context of strong demand and agro-ecological transition.

What are the issues, the levers and the consequences of such a change of scale of organic agriculture throughout the whole agri-food chain?

The metaprogram is based on:

  • An approach including the whole agri-food system.
  • Interdisciplinary scientific communities.
  • INRAE experimental facilities that are partly or completely converted to organic agriculture.
  • Close interactions with partners and stakeholders.

The aim is to develop proposals, scientifically substantiated, to anticipate the consequences and accompany the development of organic agri-food systems.

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