Design of multi-performance systems

Design of multi-performance systems

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Managing the health of animals, crops and soils is a key issue for the scaling-up of organic farming. The originality of the consortium lies in the unprecedented collaboration of disciplinary communities working on the integrated management of plant and animal health to explore the interfaces between these two kingdoms, as well as the link to soil health, and to catalyse the emergence of new scientific fronts.
For almost a decade now, in contrast to the dominant conventional model spawned by the green revolution, two Indian states launched a wide-ranging reform of their agricultural system: Sikkim was entirely converted to organic agriculture, and in Andhra Pradesh, Natural Farming now counts more than 600,000 farmers.
The transition to more numerous and more efficient organic pig farms requires the development of alternatives that do not use syn-thetic hormones for the synchronization of estrus to facilitate gilt batch management. The objective is to test two natural substitutes for syn-thetic progestagens used for cycle synchronization: the fruit of the chaste tree and walnut leaves. The hypothesis is that the incorporation of phytoprogestagens in the feed ration would extend the luteal phase of gilts and that its cessation would induce a resumption of fol-licular growth and a synchronization of estrus.
Whereas certain organic plant crops are in full expansion, organic animal production is struggling to develop in France’s overseas departments and regions (DROM).
Biodiversity provides agroecosystems with a multitude of ecological services. The effects of organic agriculture (OA) and the benefits it brings in terms of biodiversity are still poorly known. Ecological, agronomical and economic performances in OA vary widely, and few studies have focused on quantifying the synergies and antagonisms between these performances.
Un lapin qui mange une pomme
This transdisciplinary project analyzes the feasibility and added-value of associating rabbits with an organic apple orchard.

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